Mounir Ben Bachir


Escaped from the world of finance, Mounir has dedicated himself body and soul to his dream: becoming a filmmaker. His vision is instinctive with a hybrid language, a treasure chest with secret draws, which key is hidden in everyone's unconscious. Driven by passion, Mounir wants to show and share his world with us. 

Production Note

Mounir is a confirmed, ambitious and self-taught director who has learned his craft in advertising, music videos and film sets – areas in which he has also created his own personal material. Today, Mounir shoulders the weight of his experience and is more than capable of addressing universal themes that echo his own experiences.


Script & Film


Short film


YANIS is studying at the university with four of his friends. Coming from a minority rejected and persecuted by a society where secularism has become a dogma, he hides his identity and attempts to mimic the behaviour and attitudes at use in his environment. When ELLE, his fiancée is captured by the authorities, it triggers a need in him to reveal to his friends who he really is – and finally the truth will burst forth.