Céline Charlier


Céline Charlier integrated the Media into her life way early on. After her BA degree at ISFC, she continued gaining experience in the TV and Cinema distribution sector. It was at INRACI that she will really become interested in the film community. After graduating, she made a documentary about Rock'n Roll identity and two short films "Hold up" and "Franck and Dean".

Production Note

"Through strong themes, Céline brilliantly illustrates that despite adversity, a strong connection exists between individuals ."

SUSPECT - 2018

Script & Film


Feature Film


In a jewellery shop in Brussels, it is 1.32 pm. Two men lie dead on the tarmac outside, after a
robbery. A detective grills the six hostages who were inside when the robbery took place. In
no time at all, something becomes apparent: nobody knows where the loot has gone.

Strangely, everybody agrees on one fact - the money and jewellery were shoved into sports
bags by the two guys, now dead outside - and whilst the sports bags are present – they are
now empty. Hostages become witnesses - then, every man and woman present suddenly
becomes a suspect.