Alexandros Potamianos



Alexandros is a young writer and director. He studied Film directing and Theatre at INSAS & at ACADEMIA DI CINECITTA (Rome) followed by a Philosphy & Arts master at ULB.


He worked as a sworn translator and location manager before becoming a director. Alexandros has a literary heart and explores the human psychology. He wrote scripts and novels for over 10 years before turning to directing. Already Writer and Director of short movies and seven documentaries, two broadcasted in his home country, Greece, - he joins Phoenyx Films for "La Cicatrice" ("The Scar") & The Interpret (2019)


Production Note

It's been 15 years that we talk about working together. Time has finally come ! Alexandros impressed us from the very first beginning. This talented writer & young Director is also known for 99899 (2013) and La Tierra Roja (2015) as an assistant director.


Script & Film


Feature Film


One morning, ALEXIS learns that his twin brother, TONI has died. Beside herself with grief, his mother asks Alexis to write the eulogy in honour of his brother for his funeral. While he is writing on their computer, Alexis finds some film that has been recorded. He watches the film and discovers how Toni dies – and the very last message Toni left him.