Emre & Noon


Emre Olcayto (aka Emre) graduated in the Digital Film Making Section at SAE Institute of Brussels. He worked in the field of music videos and commercials, for clients such as : Stromae, Amnesty International and the World Autism Awareness Day as well as others ! Having learned how to manage technical crews and improved his sense of visual style, he now feels the need to express himself more personally, through short films, working in depth with the Actors and their performance.

Noureddine Zerrad (aka Noon) has dreamt of Hollywood since his childhood. In 1995, he started a band with M.C.Z. Productions. This first experience was a step in making his dream a reality, a passage. From then on, Noon gained experience and control – in his writing and directing of various projects.

Production Note

Emre is a quiet force fighting for what seems right to him, drawing on his past experiences to provoke reflection. Noon uses his experience to tell stories that people can understand. In perpetual research, he uses his art to share his feelings and his experience with those who want to listen.


RUNNER - 2018

Script & Film


TV Serie


A Marketing student called SHAMS is put under pressure by his father, to take a job as trainee in Production Management, on a Feature Film. Shams will have to make a choice – to live for his passion – or just work to live.