THE OPEN - 2017 (FR/BE)

  • Script By Marc Lahore
  • Directed By Marc Lahore
  • Produced By Village 42 (FR) / Phoenyx Films - Octopods Agency
  • Format Feature Film
  • Status In Distribution


After the bombs have fallen, Paris has been flattened and it is all-out war. Stephanie - ranked 4th in the world in women’s tennis and her coach André could not care less – Roland Garros is all that counts – it is their whole world – their reason for living. Along with her coach, the champion flees, far away from the rest of the world. Together, they hide in the heart of a mountain. Here, on the flat ground, they create the exact replica of a tennis court – to the nearest millimeter - complete with white, straight lines and a patched-up net. Nothing can stop these two survivors.


Cast: James Northcote Maia Levasseur-Costil Pierre Benoist Producer: Cyril Cadars Executive Producer: Claire Calligaro Art Direction: Sarah Pariset Photography: Marc Lahore Sound: Romain Magloire 1st Ass Director: Jean-Fred David Makeup: SFX Music: dDamage / JB Hanak Music consultant: Butterfly Music Editing: Marc Lahore & Benjamin Minet Visual FX: Guillaume Crampette & Pierre Massine Color Grading: Steven Le Guellec Mix: Damien Lazzerini Sound Design: Eric Grattepain Post Production Manager: Leigh Hatwell